NWRB leads Water Sector Convergence Dialogue for the National Water Plan

Luxent Hotel, Quezon City
October 29, 2016

The National Water Resources Board convened water-related government agencies and private institutions to discuss the water sector’s current issues for the creation of the National Water Plan (NWP).


NWRB leads Water Sector Convergence Dialogue

During the program, DENR Assistant Secretary for Operations Juan Miguel Cuna stated, “The key word is convergence. We, in this sector, need to work together, in one direction, towards one goal. We are gathered here today to discuss the concerns of your respective institutions and the strategies you have in mind to resolve these. What we need are new, untypical yet practical and realistic solutions and translate these to a tangible National Water Plan,” quoting DENR Secretary Gina Lopez’s speech. Asec. Cuna represented the Secretary in the event.

NWRB leads Water Sector Convergence Dialogue

Different water stakeholders were grouped into six thematic clusters namely Water Utilization; Water Quality, Sewerage, and Sanitation; Watershed Management and Integrated Area Development; Flood Management, Water-related Disasters and Climate Change; Data Collection and Research; and Advocacy and Academic Engagement. All present agencies talked about their challenges and the corresponding strategies in addressing the issues.

The open forum garnered pressing topics on regulation of LGU, information sharing among partner agencies, data accessibility to the citizenry especially researching students, and the contribution of private institutions in creating climatological data.

All representatives in the dialogue were enthusiastic to be part in crafting the National Water Plan. They were excited to contribute in the succeeding steps towards realizing the much-needed NWP.